About Us

As a full service Vancouver, WA dental lab, Qualident was started with the goal of doing something truly unique within the dental laboratory services industry.

The artistic nature of our industry makes it different from other types of manufacturing, but many of the exacting standards remain in place. So while dental restorations require an artistic approach in crafting hand-made appliances designed to meet each patients individual needs, our industry must also meet the daily demands and quotas all manufacturers are subject to.


Sense of Accomplishment and Ownership


The majority of dental labs the size of Qualident ask their employees to solely focus on only one part of the manufacturing process. Whether fabrication, waxing, finishing, staining, or glazing, most dental labs set their employees to one task in order to achieve their daily quotas and meet production goals. However, at Qualident we believe that getting the most out of our artistic and talented employees means allowing them to complete a project from start to finish. This infuses the individual artist with a sense of accomplishment and ownership over each finished product, thereby helping to ensure every restoration we craft is an artistic product of the highest quality.


Commitment to Excellence


While this approach may not meet the "task driven" definition of achieving the greatest efficiency possible, we believe that creating an atmosphere that encourages creativity, quality, and a commitment to excellence far outweighs what little efficiency we may be giving up. After all, happy employees mean happy customers. That's just part of the Qualident Dental Lab Difference!


Take a look at the video link PCC created


This video was created to promote their Dental Lab program at the Sylvania Campus. You'll also catch our lab and wonderful staff in action!